June 2020 ORPG Grand Rounds: HARMONY: YOGA-Reinforced-CBT for GAD Part II: Connecting to Experience

June 2020 ORPG Grand Rounds: HARMONY: YOGA-Reinforced-Cognitive-Behavioural-Therapy-for-Generalized-Anxiety-Disorder (GAD), Part II: Connecting to Experience with Dr. Kamala Pilgrim, C. PSYCH.

Friday June 5th at 1:00pm EST

No cost and open to all.

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About the webinar:
In this second presentation on her program, HARMONY: Yoga-Reinforced-Cognitive-Behavioural-Therapy-for-Generalized-Anxiety-Disorder (Yoga-R-CBT-for-GAD), Dr. Pilgrim will review the theory underlying the inclusion of principles of Yoga such as, philosophy (yama and niyama), āsana (posture), prānāyāma (energy control/breath regulation), and dhyāna (meditation), into the gold-standard, empirically supported intervention for GAD: cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). Since the foundation underlying the rationale was set in depth in the last talk, in this one, experiential exercises with be incorporated throughout to illustrate concepts discussed.

About the Presenter:
Dr. Kamala Pilgrim, C. PSYCH., is a registered clinical psychologist (CPO #6258). She obtained her Ph.D. from Concordia University and also holds a Master’s degree in Neuroscience from McGill University in Montréal. Her doctoral research examined the impact of attention bias modification on cortisol reactivity in response to social stress. Dr. Pilgrim has graduate level training and experience in private practice working with clients from within the frameworks of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) as well as third-wave, process-based treatments, i.e. mindfulness and acceptance and commitment based therapy (ACT). She has a particular interest in working with clients who experience heightened levels of anxiety and stress.

Dr. Pilgrim is certified to teach Ashtanga-Vinyasa styles of Yoga. She completed her yoga teacher training to the 200-hour level from YogaWorks in Atlanta, Georgia. She brings 13+ years of personal practice of a form of Kundalini Yoga known as, Kriya, as well as various types of meditation, mantra, kirtan (chant), and mudra etc.

Dr. Pilgrim is passionate about integrating the ancient wisdom of Yoga into her clinical psychotherapy work. Dr. Pilgrim considers herself to be a life-long student and continues to attend advanced trainings and to receive supervision on psychotherapy skills and in Yoga practices, on a regular basis.

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