Birth Announcement! Ottawa River Integrative Mental Health

Over the past 10 years Ottawa River Psychology has grown: first we started as a small group of therapists working out of Dr. Sogge’s home office, then we transitioned to our own building on 44 Hawthorne, then we deftly pivoted to online work in March 2020 in the face of the pandemic.  Today we are shifting again as some of practitioners and clients adapt to the new realities: some clients and clinicians love online work and plan to stay online entirely, some clients and clinicians plan to move to face to face work, and most seek a mix of both in a hybrid model.

In response to a planned hybrid model of mixed online and face to face service in the province of Ontario, Canada, Ottawa River Psychology (primarily focused on psychological service and psychologists) has birthed a sibling: Ottawa River Integrative Mental Health.

Ottawa River Integrative Mental Health shares values, philosophies and team members while we move towards a flexible mix of online and face to face services over the coming years.  As we shift to working in the hybrid model of mental health services in the future, Ottawa River Integrative Mental Health will be open to a wider range of associates from a diversity of regulated healthcare professions; Ottawa River Integrative Mental Health will be a sibling to Ottawa River Psychology who will provide the support and structure to clinicians and the Ontario communities they serve, all in service of YOUR well-being and growth.

Stay tuned for the development of Ottawa River Integrative Mental Health in the coming months and years. Same values, same community, same Third Wave approach emphasizing mindfulness and compassion, within a larger structure and vision.

Let’s keep riding the current of the healing Ottawa River.

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