Yoga-Reinforced CBT for Generalized Anxiety with Dr. Kamala Pilgrim

Yoga-Reinforced CBT for GAD is Dr. Pilgrim’s modification and variation on a research-based yoga and CBT program studied by Julie M. Greiner-Ferris, LICSW
and Manjit K. Kahlsa, Ed.D. of Riverside Community Care in Boston, Massachusetts. A recent study
conducted by the protocol authors showed that their 6-week “Y-CBT” program which combined elements of
traditional CBT with Kundalini Yoga reduced symptoms of anxiety, panic, depression, and improved
quality of life in individuals diagnosed with GAD and co-morbid conditions who had been resistant to
other interventions including, CBT.

Why CBT? Though there is a wealth of support from randomized controlled clinical trials showing the effectiveness of CBT for the treatment of anxiety, a recent meta-analysis shows that there is still significant room for improvement and there is growing evidence demonstrating that Yoga may constitute a promising addition to existing therapies.

Why GAD?: GAD affects about 5.7 percent of the population at some point in their lifetimes and it is the
most common anxiety disorder in primary care facilities. Moreover, persons with GAD typically
experience a host of impairments including, diminished physical health, bodily pain, vitality, emotional
well-being, and social functioning.

Details of the Yoga Reinforced CBT group curriculum: This program was modified by Dr. Kamala Pilgrim, C.Psych. (see below for further information about her) to incorporate aspects of CBT known in research literature to be efficacious in the treatment of GAD, such as:

  • Psycho-education about factors that trigger anxiety
  • Cognitive restructuring
  • Problem solving skills
  • Exposure exercises
  • Behavioural experiments

Each session will be enhanced by Yoga practices (Kundalini as well as Ashtanga-Vinyasa styles as taught by Yogi Bhajan and Sri Krishnamacharya, respectively), including:

  • Pranayama (Breath regulation and control)
  • Asana (Gentle, attentive movement and posture, some combined with
  • Use of mudra (Finger/hand positioning that corresponds with meridians in the
  • Deep physical relaxation
  • Meditation


Since GAD is characterized by challenges at both the cognitive and the physiological levels,
the merging of these interventions can help those with this condition better cope with and reduce distress
by learning skills that specifically target these pathways.

Cost, duration, and dates:

The full Yoga-Enhanced CBT for GAD program will be 8-weeks long, with
evening sessions lasting 2 hours, from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm, on Wednesdays starting February 27, 2019.

Book Now! Space Extremely Limited:

Group size will be kept to a minimum of 4 to 6 individuals and the total cost is 795$ per person (i.e., the
early bird rate if payment is received before December 5, 2018) OR 895$ (regular price).
Hand-outs and worksheets will be provided at no additional charge. Insurance receipts provided for psychological service delivered by a registered psychologist.

Potential benefits:

With the full Yoga-Reinforced CBT for GAD program you will learn

  • To recognize and challenge inaccurate, maladaptive automatic thoughts and beliefs
  • To bring non-judgemental awareness to thoughts without becoming overwhelmed
  • To better tolerate and make room for physiological aspects of anxiety
  • To regulate breathing patterns for a greater sense of overall calm
  • To modify posture and move in ways that directly impact emotions in positive ways
  • To recognize and tap into unique strengths and gifts
  • To develop your courage and self-confidence
  • To create a deeper capacity for compassion

Call 613-656-3331, or email: to book an
initial, free, 45-minute, in-person interview aimed at ascertaining mental health diagnoses and to determine your overall suitability for the program.

Click the link below to register for “Yoga-Reinforced CBT for Generalized Anxiety with Dr. Kamala Pilgrim”.


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