ONLINE WINTER 2021 Daylong Mindfulness & Compassion in Nature Retreat

Online Feb 14, 2021

New, old, and current interested students of mindfulness and compassion meditation are invited to join together online for a day of cultivating tranquility, ease, equanimity and kindness for self,  others and the world.  The theme for this retreat will be opening to and appreciating the Shadow parts of ourselves, the parts that personal and social conditioning have caused us to push aside or reject. It is in loving all parts of  ourselves, particularly those parts that we demonize or avoid,  that we reclaim lost resources for our own lives and for service to the world.

If you have never taken the deep dive into extended periods of silence, or meditation practice “together apart” with an online community, this is a wonderful opportunity to join in a space facilitated by Dr Kimberly Sogge C.Psych. a clinical health psychologist who is also an experienced meditation teacher (International Mindfulness Teachers Association Certified Mindfulness Teacher – Professional; Senior Certified Mindful Self Compassion Teacher with the Center for Mindful Self Compassion/University of Southern California – San Diego; Spirit Rock Mindfulness Yoga and Meditation Teacher training program).

Find a cosy, safe location in which to cultivate silence in  your own home, in a beautiful place in nature, or in a sanctuary of another kind, and join us for a day of online meditation practice in community.  The pandemic is taking a toll on many of us; take this time of limited external travel to launch an adventure within.

Click the link below to register for “ONLINE WINTER 2021 Daylong Mindfulness & Compassion in Nature Retreat”.


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