September 2020 ORPG Grand Rounds Webinar: Facing Fear of Death: Working with Existential Concerns in Your Clients

September 2020 ORPG Grand Rounds Webinar: Facing Fear of Death: Working with Existential Concerns in Your Clients

Friday September 4th at 1:00pm EST

No cost and open to all.

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About the webinar:

Existential concerns are universal among humans given our awareness of our own mortality. However, the concept of death is a topic that many are uncomfortable discussing. Depending on our own beliefs and perspectives surrounding death, experiential avoidance of the topic will vary among clients. Irvin Yalom (1981) pioneered a number of ideas that are not commonly discussed in current models of therapy, but prove to be highly applicable today more so than ever.

 This talk will review the fundamental concerns outlined by Yalom, and also discuss ways to connect typical concerns seen by clinicians to larger fears related to existence from an ACT perspective. By learning how to model healthy discussion around the concepts of death, loss, and grief, we open the door to discussions of values, and committed action in the time that we are given to live.

About the Presenter:

Adam Kingsbury, Ph.D., is a doctoral associate at the Ottawa River Psychology Group.  Adam received his doctorate degree in clinical psychology (Ph.D.) at the University of Ottawa, and currently in his year of supervised practice registered with the College of Psychologists of Ontario.  Adam is a former Olympic coach (PyeongChang 2018), and a Chartered Professional Coach in the sport of curling. Adam provides assessment and psychotherapy services in English. He has a special interest in assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of ADHD, as well as providing services for high performance athletes, physicians, and those in the creative arts (musicians, actors, visual artists, etc.).

Clinically, Adam works with individuals in the spirit of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), with a strong influence from both Schema Therapy and Existential Therapy. He has a strong passion to help people explore their motivations, increase their awareness and overall levels of focus, attention, and concentration. Although Adam has a special interest in working with elite athletes, he believes that a strengths-based approach rooted in the principles of high-performance are directly applicable to all of us in our daily lives. Whether one is working in a demanding profession, an amateur athlete, or any individual desiring to make a behavioural change — there is limitless potential in all to self-examine, focus on what is truly important, and live meaningful lives guided by personal values.

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