Monthly Friday Night Drop In Community Mindfulness Sessions

Wild Blue Mindfulness is the home for all of our mindfulness meditation community events.  For more information on mindfulness meditation daylong retreats, overnight retreats, trainings and community events check out Wild Blue Mindfulness *

Friday night community drop in mindfulness sessions are open for registration by all, including beginning or advanced meditators. Sessions are one hour and led by a trained and experienced mindfulness meditation teacher. All sessions include silent guided practice, a dharma talk, and inquiry.

Sessions run Friday evenings from 6-7pm in the Wild Blue Mindfulness Studio at Ottawa River Psychology Group.

The Wild Blue Mindfulness studio is the home for most of ORPG’s groups and classes.


*Please note that most of the Wild Blue Mindfulness community meditations and daylong/overnight retreats (events on the Retreats and Community Resources pages of Wild Blue Mindfulness) are not classified as a regulated act under the Health Care Professions Act and therefore are not eligible for health insurance coverage. Some evidence based psychology protocols co-listed on the Training page of Wild Blue Mindfulness are co-sponsored by Ottawa River Psychology Group and are led by a regulated health professional (registered psychologist) and therefore are covered by insurance.

Click the link below to register for “Monthly Friday Night Drop In Community Mindfulness Sessions”.


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