Spring-Summer 2019 Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Group


Early Bird Rates Before March 30, 2019

The Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) group, led by experienced and compassionate meditator and Registered Psychotherapist Sarah Housser is based on the Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy protocols of Dr Zindel Segal of the Centre for Addictions and Mental Health (CAMH) in Toronto, Ontario.  The MBCT group may be appropriate for individuals with one or more prior episodes of severe depression who are currently in recovery, or for individuals with mild to moderate depression.

The MBCT group will meets Sunday mornings 11am to 1pm with a full day retreat after Session 4.

This experiential group teaches mindfulness practices as a way to encounter and identify those modes of mind that often characterize mood disorders, while simultaneously learning to develop a new relationship to them.

MBCT teaches individuals to become aware of conditioned patterns of mind and mood in an innovative 8 session program integrating mindfulness mediation with cognitive therapy to prevent depressive relapse.  Through the practice of mindful awareness, participants develop the capacity to relate differently to distressing moods and negative thoughts by strengthening an orientation to the present moment. This helps individuals recognize the early signs of relapse allowing for skillful intervention before mood symptoms and negative thought patterns become more severe.

Register online or call 613-656-3331 to reserve a spot. MAXIMUM 12 PARTICIPANTS.

*A pre-group discussion and questionnaire will be required with a group leader prior to final confirmation of admission into the group.

Click the link below to register for “Spring-Summer 2019 Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Group”.


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