Spring-Summer 2019 Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Group


$895 for 8 weeks including one full day retreat!

MBCT is an effective treatment to prevent depression relapse for people who have experienced multiple episodes of depression. MBCT has also been shown to be helpful for reducing anxiety, stress, and emotional overeating as well as helping people to cope with physical health problems such as migraines and tinnitus.The Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) group is led by experienced and compassionate meditator and registered psychotherapist Sarah Housser MA, RP. Sarah has run MBCT groups for many years and co-taught a course at the University of Toronto, training clinicians on how to run MBCT groups.

MBCT teaches mindfulness and cognitive therapy skills in order to help participants relate differently to their negative thoughts and distressing moods. The skills learned in the group help individuals recognize the early signs of relapse or other habitual negative patterns, allowing for skillful intervention before mood symptoms and negative thought patterns become more severe.

The skills you learn within your MBCT group will help you long after the course has ended.

The MBCT group meets Sundays 11am to 1pm beginning Spring 2019 with a full day retreat after Session 5.

We offer a free in-person consultation. Before the classes start, Sarah will meet with you to help you make sure that the program will be beneficial for you.  *** The meeting needs to occur before you register. *** 

Training materials including workbook, CD, and MP3s,  at no cost for participants.

To book a free intake meeting call 613-656-3331 or email info@ottawariverpsychology.com.

Ottawa River Psychology Group offers this service with receipts for reimbursement from extended health insurance coverage.

Click the link below to register for “Spring-Summer 2019 Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Group”.


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