December 2019 Third Wave Grand Rounds: The Psychology of Play with Eve Blouin-Hudon Ph.D.

About the Webinar:

The psychology of play and imagination can not only be applied to ongoing projects, but are also very relevant to wellbeing and exploration of self. In this discussion, I will talk about how play and imagination can be used to deconstruct how we perceive the world; facilitate flexible thinking to adapt to change and complexity; increase pleasure and absorption in everyday activities; and understand problems in intuitive ways. To this end, Eve Blouin-Hudon will review relevant literature and demonstrate hands-on activities that can be used to construct a psychological playspace conducive to wellbeing.

About the Presenter:

Eve Blouin-Hudon Ph.D. (Carleton; Experimental Psychology) is a an expert in positive psychology specializing in creativity and imagination. She is an Instructor in Psychology at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, where she teaches courses on creativity, play, and innovation. She is also the founder of Bevy Creative, a consulting agency delivering research-based workshops, talks, and one-on-one tools to both individuals and organizations. Her teaching and facilitation are inspired by experiential learning, which involves learning by doing (and preferably, playing).


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