Winter 2019 Compassion Focused Therapy Group Level I: Compassionate Mind Training

Shame, stress and reactivity within and between people are major sources of suffering that conventional medicine has, at best, a mixed track record in treating. For thousands of years, global wisdom traditions have held that training the mind and cultivating compassion can be highly effective in helping people face their fears and overcome shame and blocks to their resilience and growth; a growing body of scientific research supports this view.

This 8 week psychotherapy group on Compassion Focused Therapy Level I: Compassionate Mind Training is guided by a registered psychologist with 30 years of clinical experience. This group will teach techniques for reducing shame, stress and reactivity using  “Compassion-Focused Therapy” which has been described as a psychotherapy that “draws from cutting-edge neuroscience, evolutionary psychology, and Buddhist mindfulness methods to teach us innovative, evidence-based meditation, as well as visualization and cognitive re-framing techniques designed to increase our emotional strength and psychological flexibility.” (Dr. Dennis Tirch, CFT Foundation North America)

You will leave this 8 week Compassion Focused Therapy group equipped with an array of powerful new tools and healing perspectives that will permit you to move beyond stress and reactivity, and live with renewed meaning, purpose, and vitality.

What will I get from this group? This group will give you 16+ hours of direct contact with a doctoral trained registered psychologist trained in Compassion Focused Therapy. We will cover knowledge, skills and practice in these areas:

  • Why we need compassion
  • Neuroscience of compassion
  • The three flows of compassion
  • Fears, blocks and resistances to compassion
  • Cultivating soothing system techniques
  • Developing the compassionate self
  • Directing the compassionate mind
  • Cultivating compassionate attention, thinking, emotion, and behavior
  • Working with common difficulties with compassion
  • Relapse prevention: sustaining the compassionate mind long term

PLUS The CFT group will include a copy of Irons’ and Beaumont’s Compassionate Mind Workbook, online audios of meditations, access to feedback and practice support via Ottawa River Psychology Group office, teaching, experiential practice, and guided reflection by a registered psychologist in a safe, confidential environment.

Group structure: This will be a CLOSED group for cultivating safeness and confidentiality (same participants working together for 8 weeks) and is structured as 8 weeks of 2 hour sessions. Register early as group size is extremely limited. This will be a safe, and potentially very powerful group experience.

Group content: We will be working through the research and training techniques of Dr. Paul Gilbert’s UK-based Compassion Focused Therapy as represented by the Compassionate Mind training protocol and psychological research of Drs Chris Irons and Elaine Beaumont, psychologists at the National Health Service in London, and the University of Salford in the UK, respectively.

When? The group will be on Thursday evenings 5-7pm starting January 10, 2019.

Where? The group will be held in the Wild Blue Mindfulness studio at the Ottawa River Psychology Group, 44 Hawthorne Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario.  Call 613-656-3331 for more information and to register via telephone or register online at the link included here.

Who is eligible? This group is for adults only, ages 21+.

Indicated for those who:are  individuals interested in learning skills to manage pain and stress in daily life, increase confidence, increase self compassion, reduce blocks to self-love, generosity, intimacy, healthy risk taking, and increase resilience and self care. This group would be an excellent adjunct to individual psychotherapy, relapse prevention, maintaining wellbeing or cultivating personal growth.

Contraindicated for those who: are in a current episode of major depression, those actively abusing or dependent on substances, or those with recent losses, psychiatric hospitalizations, or traumatic experiences.

Call our office at Ottawa River Psychology Group 613-656-3331 or email  to inquire if you have questions about whether this group is right for you.

Is this service covered under insurance? This group is an evidence based group psychotherapy service delivered by a registered clinical health psychologist (CPO#4531) and is eligible for coverage under extended health benefits of most insurance plans. Please check with your insurer about reimbursement for psychological services offered by registered psychologists.


Gilbert, P. (2010). Compassion Focused Therapy.  London: Constable & Robinson Ltd.

Irons, C. & Beaumont, E. (2017).  The Compassionate Mind Workbook: A guide to developing your compassionate self.  London: Robinson press.



Click the link below to register for “Winter 2019 Compassion Focused Therapy Group Level I: Compassionate Mind Training”.


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