Beat Burnout with Radically Open DBT

Beat Burnout with Radically Open DBT

Kimberly Sogge

Monday February 24, 2020

Sometimes the very things we are rewarded for in life get us into trouble: high standards, attunement to expectations, strong motivation to perform well, never being satisfied with our results.  These qualities of temperament are elements of a person that trend towards over-control. Whereas these qualities are often highly rewarded in the professions, they can lead to personal burnout, bitterness, feelings of resentment, and a closed attitude towards life.

If  you are wondering if you tend towards over-control, complete this self reflective questionnaire from Radically Open DBT Canada

What are conditions of over-control?  You may also want to check this out: Conditions of Overcontrol.

The Ottawa River Psychology Group team is proud to bring RO-DBT to the National Capital Region this Spring 2020. Check out our pilot program in Radically Open DBT skills starting end of April 2020. See the Courses links for registration.

Here is the founder of Radically Open Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Dr. Thomas Lynch talking about Radically Open DBT skills.

If you or someone you know struggles with a condition of perfectionism or overcontrol, please call us about supplementing individual treatment with our Radically Open DBT skills pilot group starting soon.

Our Spring 2020 RO-DBT Class has been rescheduled. Call 613-656-3331 to put your name on a waitlist for future RO-DBT classes. Thank you!


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