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Stop being so hard on yourself.

Mindful Self Compassion Winter 2019

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Do you have your own back?


Compassion Focused Therapy Level 1: Compassionate Mind Training

Find deep balance.

Mindfulness Integrated CBT  for Wellbeing and Growth Winter 2019

Live a life of vitality.

We offer Third Wave Psychology for wellbeing and growth.

Parenting is tough. You don't have to be.

Daytime Mindfulness and Compassion group for parents.

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Monthly Friday Night Drop In Community Mindfulness Sessions


Offered by Dr. Kimberly Sogge IMTA Mindfulness Teacher.

Mindful Mums: Self Care Skills for Busy Parents

01/23/2019 to 02/27/2019

Offered by Sarah Housser MA RP.

Yoga-Reinforced CBT for Generalized Anxiety with Dr. Kamala Pilgrim

01/30/2019 to 03/20/2019

Offered by Dr. Kamala Pilgrim C.Psych..

Winter 2019 CBT Group for Adults with ADHD

01/24/2019 to 04/24/2019

Offered by Kathryn Palmer, M.Ed. RP.

Winter 2019 Mindfulness and Acceptance Skills for Social Anxiety Group

01/24/2019 to 03/28/2019

Offered by Kathryn Palmer, M.Ed. RP.

Winter 2019 Compassion Focused Therapy Group Level I: Compassionate Mind Training

01/10/2019 to 03/07/2019

Offered by Dr. Kimberly Sogge C.Psych. Certified MSC Teacher.

Mindfulness Skills for Athletes: The Four Pillars of mPEAK

November 16 to 18, 2018

Offered by Peter Lloyd MBA mPEAK trainer CCC Level IV Coach and Dr Kimberly Sogge CPsych.

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